Brewin' the 'Booch - A Hands-On Intro to Kombucha Brewing

Brewin' the 'Booch - A Hands-On Intro to Kombucha Brewing

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Why is everyone so crazy about kombucha? Learn why this delicious, carbonated beverage is becoming so popular and how simple it is to make at home!

We'll cover the basics of kombucha brewing along with some options for secondary fermentation. We will sample some different commercial kombuchas and get inspired for your home-brewed replica! We'll also talk about some of the benefits of kombucha, the fundamentals of SCOBY happiness, and some common pitfalls in home-brewed efforts.

Please note: SCOBY + starter tea, fermentation vessels, and flip-top bottles will be available for sale, separately from workshop fee. (If purchased at the start of the workshop, you can leave with your first round of kombucha on its way!)

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