Canning Workshop: CANTHIS! with Maria from CHOWTHIS!

Canning Workshop: CANTHIS! with Maria from CHOWTHIS!

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to can your own foods but are not sure where to start? Learn the fundamentals of canning with rockstar canner and mastermind behind the amazing salsa and pickles from CHOW THIS!, a Portland brand blazing its way onto the salsa and pickles market.

Maria has been canning since childhood and now does it professionally as the owner of CHOW THIS, famous in many circles for its sweet-with-heat combo. Some refer to Maria as the Fruit Salsa lady, other prefers to call her the Pickle Queen, and some even go so far as to use the term The Goddess of Brine. Whatever the chosen term, Maria is the expert to turn to for all things canning.

In this workshop, Maria will guide you through canning basics and lead all participants in creating and canning their own jar of custom salsa. Preserve summer's bounty and learn how to keep your own canned goods at home!

All canning equipment and ingredients will be provided. Maria will also bring a variety of canning options and discuss different canning methods, as well as some of the common pitfalls to avoid. After this workshop, you should feel comfortable canning in your own home!

This workshop is great for anyone new to canning or for people who have given it a try but need a refresher. It's also a fun option for anyone obsessed with CHOW THIS! salsa because this is the opportunity to get inside tips! 

Refreshments provided. Space is limited and everyone will get to leave with their personal, homemade salsa.

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