Create Your Own Handmade Soap (Private Event)

Create Your Own Handmade Soap (Private Event)

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Please note that public workshops for Soapmaking are hosted through Airbnb Experiences. You can find our Soapmaking public workshops on our Airbnb page.

Private soap making workshops are available! Contact us for details.


This introductory workshop will cover the basics of cold-process soap making, including common oils, different fragrances, optional additives, colorants, and accommodations for lye safety. I will demonstrate how to make a batch of soap from start-to-finish, with step-by-step instructions along the way. Then: your turn! Each participant will have the opportunity to make their own round of custom soap, with a scent and color of their choice! Depending on comfort-level, we may try throwing in an additive or layering the soap for a cool effect. Whatever you choose, each guest will go home with over a pound of their own custom, handmade soap. And, more importantly, the knowledge of how to do it for next time! 

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